Commercialisation of fusion energy, advanced nuclear fission energy, and defence systems requires unique engineering, technology, and regulatory solutions.

Davis & Musgrove Ltd’s team of experts works closely with industry, government, and academia to develop these solutions to accelerate towards commercialisation. We also provide strategic analysis on areas such as energy security, international energy relationships, and defence.

Our team specialises in four main strands:

Fusion Energy

  • Tokamak-based reactors.
  • In-Vessel Component technology.
  • Patent and product development.

Advanced Nuclear Fission Energy

  • Small Modular Reactors (SMR).
  • Liquid metal fast reactors.
  • Molten-salt reactors.

Safety & Environmental Engineering

  • Safety & environmental case management.
  • Application of the ALARP principle.
  • Regulatory compliance.

Defence & Energy Strategy

  • International nuclear energy relationships.
  • Defence (such as maritime security and policy).
  • Energy security.